3D Scanner Mini and Scansoft for Foot Orthotic Simple, Quick, Portable, and Reliable Customization allows marketing your own brand name

Girl not included. Foot not included. Footrest and laptop desk not included, Everything else included.


  • Foot plantar of foam boz. Non-contact, non-weight-bearing.
  • Instant capture, clean 3D mesh output, +/- 1.0mm linear accuracy.
  • Typical heel cup depth of naked foot is 15mm.
  • Ultra portable mobile use and fixed clinic use.
  • Size/weight: 210 X 92 X 52mm (8.2 X 3.6 X 2.1 inch)/ 0.9 Kg (2.0 lb).
  • Windows 7 or 8. AC 120~240V 50/60HZ worldwide. USB 2.0.
  • Output 2D (JPG) & 3D file (STL/WRL/OBJ/PLY/DXF/ASC).
  • Compatible with most CAD, except certain closed prorietary system
  • One year limited warranty.


  • Active streo vision 3D tech with white light pattern projection. No laser, safe on the eye.
  • Quick capture (0.1~0.2 sec), foot movement won’t compromise scan, unlike laser scan.
  • Simple interface, intuitive and easy to use. Just a few buttons, no paramaters to set.
  • Reliable by design. With no moving parts to wear out or maintain, unlike laser scan,
  • No service, maintenance, or calibration required.


  • Can run as standalone software, or called up by command_line from other apps. Easy integration into lab’s ownproprietary prescription/orther system.
  • Change interface language (translate yourself) and customize help fileafter installation.
  • Change Scansoft logo and weblink after installation
  • Web Service: Set encryption code to lock files on each scanner; lab can give out free scanners.
  • Wb Service: Integrated scanning, prescription, and order management.
  • Web Service: Lab Clinic file transfer. Store files on our server, download anytime.